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Things to Know About Data Cabling In Brisbane

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August 8, 2016

A data cable is a media allowing baseband transmission from a transmitter to a receiver. Cat6 and Cat5e cables are the most recommended for data cabling to enhance maximum speeds. Data cabling is preferred to wireless network since it is more secured and also due to its reliability and performance.

Data installations

Installation of data cables depends on the layout of the building. The services include the following;

  • New NBN sockets installation
  • Expansion of existing data cabling infrastructure
  • Wireless network
  • Network relocation
  • Data cabling replacement
  • New network sockets installation
  • Commercial or residential data cabling in Brisbane Computer cable types

a) USB (Universal Serial Bus)

They are of various types; micro USB, mini USB, type B standard USB and type A Standard USB. This is the most used device since it can be used in keyboards, mice, headsets, flashdrives and also wireless adapters. Through the years, there have been different versions of USB that is USB 1.0\1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Mini and micro USB are applicable in smaller devices like phones and cameras while Standard USB connectors are used in hard drives and keyboards.

b) Firewire

It serves the same purpose as the USB, but it is only used in printers and scanners. Firewire is not as common as USB. It is available in two forms; 1394a and 1394b.

c) eSATA(External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

It is an extension of the SATA cable but allows external hard drives and optical drives connectivity.

It has a higher speed than FireWire and USB. This is a common cable that has been used by technicians when they are doing data cabling in Brisbane.

Other cables include VGA (Video Graphics Array),(DVI) Digital Visual Interface, HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface), IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), Ethernet and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment(SATA).

d) Learning management

Learning has been made easier through this technology. Nowadays one can have access to knowledge from digital resources and also working on digital devices. This enables children to be conscious early about the future of digital technology. This will not prove so hard to them in future since they had already used it while growing. On the other hand, teachers can now film their lessons and provide them to their students especially those on demand.

Not only that, but teachers could also get the chance of learning from each other. Parents too can have access to their children’s progress in school and their class work and assignments.

e) Wireless network

Wi-Fi is one of the most widespread technologies due to the high number of mobile devices both at workplaces and homes. One can easily access internet on laptop, tablet or even a phone. Mobile connection is nowadays not necessary for accessing internet since one can alternatively use Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is only used only if there is a wireless router. This has eased a lot of things including; streaming movies to a television, sending documents to a printer from a computer, tethering a smartphone to any computer, sharing files with the nearby computers and even turning a smartphone to a remote control. Besides wireless network, it can also be used in videoconferencing among other purposes. All in all, it is advisable to understand how all the cables work in order to achieve the best data cabling in Brisbane.

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