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About Installations Pty Ltd Logo Layout We install home theatres, TV antennas, telephone points, data cabling, satellite TV and general cabling.  We can also solve reception problems and get your household digital ready.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our business

What hours do we operate?

What areas do we service?

What payment methods do we accept?

How long have we been in business?

What services do we offer?

Are we insured?

Are we a Government Endorsed Antenna Installation Business?

Do we fix TV's or other devices?


TV antenna questions

Do I need a different antenna for high definition digital TV?

Do I need a special antenna for 3D TV?

Do I need to upgrade my antenna to get digital TV reception?

How many TV points can I connect to my antenna?

Should I buy new equipment or upgrade my TV antenna system first?

What are the common TV antenna reception problems?

What if I cant afford to upgrade to digital?

What if I can't get digital reception in my area?

What is a digital set top box?

What is digital TV?

What is Freeview?

When do I have to upgrade to digital?

When will analogue get switched off?

Why am I not getting all the digital channels?

Why does the picture occasionally freeze or pixelate (breaks up into little blocks)?

Why is the government turning off analogue signals?


Home theatre questions

What do I need to connect my 'Smart TV' to the internet?

What is 16:9?

What is 4:3?


Data cabling questions

Do I need Cat6 data cabling?

What is the difference between Cat5e and Cat6?

When should I choose Cat6 over Cat5e?

Will Cat6 supersed Cat5e?


Satellite TV questions

Can I get free Pay TV?




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We are your local TV antenna, home theatre, satellite TV and data point cabling installers servicing the Brisbane area
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