What hours do we operate?

We generally operate 7am until 4pm from Monday to Friday. However, we may be able to arrange after hours service if you contact us. We take calls during the hours below:

Monday – Friday 7AM – 8PM
Saturday – Sunday 11AM – 4PM

What areas do we service?

We service all of Brisbane, including Logan, Ipswich Redcliffe and Redlands. Please check our Service Area page for a detailed description

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept payments by EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa, cheque and cash. We can also accept funds transfer upon request.

How long have we been in business?

The businesses was started back in 2006 by Robert Majewski as a sole trader. We started trading as ‘About Installations Pty Ltd’ in 2009.

Are we insured?

Yes, of course. We are fully covered with Public Liability Insurance. Furthermore, all our employees and contractors are fully licenced and trained in their field.

Are we a government endorsed antenna installation business?

Yes we were, unfortunately this was only a temporary licence during the digital switchover. The TV aerial industry is basically unregulated, which means there is a lot of cowboys out there without the correct training. Rest assured, all our technicians are fully qualified and all our work comes with a full warranty and guarantee.

Do we fix TV’s or other devices?

About Installations does not repair Televisions, VCR’s or other electronic devices. However, we can supply new home theatre equipment if you are in the market.

Do i need a different antenna for high definition digital TV?

This is not necessarily a black and white answer. Although rare, in some areas we’ve seen customers with an old aerial and ribbon cable from the 1960’s and they report no problems at all. However, in saying that, reception quality is extremely important for digital and the only way flawless reception is guaranteed, is if the entire system is ‘digital ready’. This generally involves replacing the antenna, cabling, splitter and sockets for systems installed prior to 2001 (some installers installed analogue systems until the late 2000’s). If you are receiving all the channels and aren’t getting any pixilation or squelching sound, then you can probably leave the system as is. However, if you suffer those problems, often a digital upgrade is required.

Do I need a special antenna for 3D TV?

At present there is no 3D TV channels in Brisbane. Previously there was a 3D test channel shared between channels 7 and 9. This channel was broadcast on Band 5. TV antennas that have traditionally been used in Brisbane only cover bands 2, 3 and 4. Therefore many people did not have antenna systems that were designed for it and couldn’t pick it up.

The future of 3D TV broadcasting is still uncertain, however, it looks as though it won’t be embraced. You may wish to request a band 5 compatible aerial if it is something that interests you.

Do I need to upgrade my antenna to get digital TV reception?

In short, not always but it is recommended with older antenna systems. If your picture pixilates you will probably need to upgrade. Digital reception requires good quality signal with minimal interference. Old analogue cabling does not protect against interference sufficiently and by the time it reaches your TV or set top box, the quality of the signal is compromised.

For flawless digital reception the following is required:

  • Digital ready TV antenna
  • F type wall plates
  • F type splitter
  • High quality RG6 quad-shield coax cable
  • If an amplifier / booster is required it will need to be digital ready

How many TV points can I connect to my antenna?

This really depends on signal strength being received by the TV antenna. In perfect situations it is possible to connect 8 points without any problems and others in low signal areas can’t even handle more than one point. An amplifier / booster is used in these situations to increase signal strength. This is how a high-rise building can service all its units with a single TV antenna.

Why am I not getting all the digital channels?

If rescanning the channels does not fix the problem, it will generally be a signal issue. A professional meter is required to accurately determine what the problem is, but it can be caused by either of these:

  • Antenna system is not digital ready
  • Wrong antenna
  • Poor signal area
  • Faulty television

Why does the picture occasionally freeze or pixilate?

There can be a number of causes, but generally it is caused by low or poor quality signal. Poor quality signal can occur if the antenna system is not digital ready or not installed correctly. Sometimes even with the best possible installation this can occur with electromagnetic interference which can be caused by power lines, air conditioners and faulty light transformers just to mention a few. This is not a common issue at all and generally only occurs when there is both interference and the home is in a low signal area. Upgrading to digital helps shield interference and will help eliminate any problems.

What do i nedd to connect my ‘Smart TV’ to the internet?

Most smart TV’s can connect wirelessly to a wireless router. For greater speed and reliability, particularly when accessing files on your local network, a wired connection is preferable.

What is 16:9?

The short answer is that this is the aspect ratio for a wide screen TV / projector or the format a show is recorded in. This is the current format being used for most TV shows and movies.

What is 4:3?

This is an old aspect ratio which has been replaced by 16:9 (wide screen). This ratio was used for old TV screen sizes and TV shows were also broadcast in this format. This is why older TV programs may have black strips down the side if displayed on a wide screen TV.

What the is difference between Cat5 and Cat6?

In short, Cat6 is capable of transmitting data at faster speeds. Transmission performance and bandwidth increase from 100 MHz for Cat5 to 200 MHz for Cat6. This includes better insertion loss, near end crosstalk, return loss, and equal level far end crosstalk. These improvements provide a higher signal to noise ratio, allowing higher reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.

When should I choose Cat6 over Cat5?

We make this decision easy by only installing Cat6. From a future proofing perspective, it is always better to install the best cabling available. If future equipment running at much higher data rates requires better cabling, it will be very expensive to pull out Cat5e cabling to install Cat6 cabling at a later date.

Can I get free Pay TV?

Firstly, we do not know where or how to get free pay TV and if we did, we’d still recommend paying for a legitimate service. Ignoring all the legal implications, there is no guarantee that these illegal setups will work for more than a few months as they require regular updates due to encoding. If you’re not interested in sports, there are many affordable IP based options out there these days. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

If sports are the main reason you would like pay TV, unfortunately there aren’t too many options available. One way we could save you some money is by wiring your home to allow you to watch one pay TV box on every TV in your home. This eliminates the need to pay for several pay TV boxes and is completely legal.


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